Saturday, May 19, 2012

Obligatory Introduction Post

Welcome! This blog is my attempt to give back to the IT Service Management community. This post gets the introductory stuff out of the way. Let's tackle this in a Q&A format:

Who am I?

I'm Roger and I am in my mid-30s. I grew up in Oklahoma, got my degree from the University of Arkansas and now live in North Carolina.

What's my ITSM background?

I have been involved with ITSM since 1996. I started working on the help desk for a large retailer in Arkansas and now work at a large retailer in North Carolina. I have held technician and leadership roles in Service Desks and Problem Management groups. I currently lead a small team that performs internal ITSM consulting, process governance and project management.

What certifications do I have?

I am an ITIL v3 Expert, v2 Problem Practitioner and hold an ISO20K Foundations certification.  The value of ideas is my focus, not who's got the bigger cert.

Anything else?

I am open to changing my ideas when better ones present themselves. So feel free to disagree with anything I post and present a case for your thoughts.


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